Poila Baisakh

The Bengali New year, “Poila Baisakh” as we call it, is not merely the first day of the year of the Bengali calendar, but Bengalis have an emotional bond with it. The evident message that this day caries is “a new beginning is beckoning”. This is a day of festivals, foods, fun and frolic.

“Poila Baisakh” without tempting food is something beyond imagination!

as expressed by one of our members!

We celebrate the day with passion, fashion and tradition. The food menu is invariably laden with mouthwatering recipes. And a sweet ending follows with sweets and savouries of Bengal.

Anandadahara carries forward this tradition with homespun art, cultural evening and culinary specialities. We celebrates the "Naba Barsha" as we do in our native places. Recitation, dance, drama, music etc. rich in literary appeal are presented to the audience. The youngsters exhibit their talents.

This is yet another podium to showcase your genius. Grab the opportunity to be appreciated by the audience.

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