Lord Jagannath’s Rathayatra

Anandadhara commemorates this festival originating from the eastern state of Odisa and presents its tradition to the new generation.

হরেক রকম দোকানপাট দিতো যে হাতছানি,
ছোট্ট মনে আসতো ভাবনা কোনটা ছেড়ে কোনটা কিনি।

Excerpt of a poem written by our member Jonaki

The iconic celebration of Lord Jagannath’s Rathayatra at Puri is internationally famous. Pulling three giant chariots with rich traditional paintings and decorations by millions of devotees mark the festival. The elaborate rituals and majestic procession delights tourists equally.

Rathayatra is a major festival of Bengal as well. Mahesh and Guptipara attracts pilgrims from far of places. The “Rather mela” is an integral part of the celebration. It is never complete without having papor bhaja, chop beguni, jilipi and amusement ride of a nagordola.

This gracious festival needs to be promoted in Bangalore.

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